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Nobody has been sparred from the anxiety, worry and overall emotional fatigue of the corona virus pandemic and the impact on mental health for those who have lost loved ones and not been able to follow cultural rituals due to Covid-19 restrictions.

In memory of the those that have passed we are fundraising for the creation of the ‘T.E.A.R’, a 7ft memorial sculpture in honour of all lives, in particular BAME communities who seem to be more vulnerable to this deadly virus.

Help us to reach our goal

The "TEAR" is a visual expression of emotion

The sculpture will be carved from an oak tree (already cut down) and will stand 7ft without the plinth. To be unveiled in 2022, we are fundraising to assist with the costs to design and create the T.E.A.R sculpture.  The design of the proposed sculpture can be seen opposite.

The World War 1 and World War 2 symbolism of the poppy serves to keep a conversation going “Lest we forget”.  The intention is to use this simple but tried and tested approach to bring Communities ravaged by the pandemic together, through a similar creative symbolism – the T.E.A.R (Together Embrace And Remember)

To be carved into Oak

World renowned artist Dr Willard Wigan MBE has been commissioned to create the sculpture that will be a permanent feature in Birmingham.
T.E.A.R Memorial Walk
Handsworth Park, Birmingham 13.06.2021

T.E.A.R Memorial Walk

Photos by Veron Graham